What utensils are suitable for the first complementary food?

When it comes to first complementary foods, parents have a lot to worry about. And one of the most frightening part is the choice of utensils for complementary foods. You don’t have to worry, but it makes sense to find out more information.

To avoid mistakes we recommend paying attention to the key aspects.

1.Choice of material.

Glass or plastic, or maybe metal or silicone? There are many options, and each of the materials has a number of both advantages and disadvantages. So it’s important to know about each of them …

  • Pay attention to the fact that such a quality as the thermal conductivity of metal can be dangerous for a child. After all, we can not rule out burns.
  • Falling glassware can have negative and irreversible consequences for the child, so it is not worth the risk!
  • As for plastic, it is chosen more often than others. But it can also carry a certain risk. Even if it is not subject to deformation, when processed in a microwave oven, the released substances will not do any good. So plastic is not the best alternative.

On the contrary, food-grade silicone shows its best side. It is safe: the products do not break, do not deform. A child can chew on a spoon, a plate, that is, use tableware as chewers, which will not cause worry to parents.

Also, dishes made of silicone are great for storing food in the fridge. And, if we can say so, the food silicone is very ” portable “. It is convenient to carry it both for everyday walks and to guests.

The advantages are obvious, as for the disadvantages, there is only one – the high cost of products. But even it is justified!

Another point, is there a need to buy a child separate dishes? It is impossible to be without it!

Experienced experts say that the first such property, personal utensils – it is it that can help to form a child’s confidence in himself/herself, his/her strength. And thus contributes to the formation of personality.

2.Product Selection

Is it enough to buy only a plate? Just a spoon? We recommend buying a complete set!


The plate is, in fact, the main item. You can’t do without it! You just need to think a little bit about which one will suit your baby better: with or without a lid. The first option is optimal for home use, the second – for walks as well. But the most important thing is that the first baby plate was on a suction cup! This element is the best helper. A suction cup helps to securely fix the plate on the table, that is, to avoid its overturning.

Spoon, fork

Your baby will also need a silicone spoon and fork. Such “safe” products will help avoid injury. And they can come almost three months (and in some cases even longer), to be used as favorite chews. And so very necessary items will also prove to be very useful. Do not forget that they also contribute to the development of motor skills of hands.


The silicone bib… There’s nothing to think about. The fact is that it is the best replacement for a dozen conventional bibs made of textile. A special pocket “catches” the food, which is very convenient when it comes to the first complementary food. The bib is easy and simple to regulate, does not create any discomfort for the child, does not rub the neck.

Non-spill cup

You really need these kinds of first cups! In order to teach your baby to drink, it is enough to buy, for example, a silicone drinker. Such utensils are very convenient for walking, which is also considered an important advantage.

Silicone cup

Let your child grow up when he or she wants to. He/she will want to drink from his/her own cup like all adults. Let the child’s cup look like a real cup, but with one special feature – it will be completely safe. Just be sure to watch how your baby drinks.

Snack Cup

This is another very useful product. If in your childhood fruits, berries and cookies were packed in bags, so that they lost their appearance, now special snack cups are already used for this purpose. A compact cup, airtight and practical – it is a necessary purchase.

3. Silicone Dish Care

Silicone plates, spoons and forks, as well as all the other items on our list, do not require too much effort on your part. You just need to rinse the items and wipe them dry. That’s basically it.

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